Genshin Impact Best Character Constellations


Genshin Impact is still very popular because of its free-to-play style and regular updates that provide new characters, equipment, and gameplay features. Constellations are essential to character improvement because they serve as upgrades that either raise a character’s effectiveness or add new functions to their present skills. These upgrades, similar to passive talents, help characters become more powerful.

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Some characters in Genshin Impact perform very well once their Constellation 6 (C6) is unlocked. This is either because all of their constellation upgrades are good or because the C6 is a game-changer, significantly increasing their skills. Others, depending on their abilities, may also have their highest potential in different constellations.

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Best Constellations in Genshin Impact

Securing a single 5-star character in Genshin Impact is challenging enough, and acquiring additional copies to unlock their Constellations can demand significant commitment from free-to-play (F2P) gamers or considerable spending for those willing to invest financially. To assist you in making more informed choices, here are some of the most valuable 5-star Constellations to consider investing in, ensuring that your resources are directed towards impactful enhancements.

Neuvillette Genshin

Genshin Neuvillette, aligned with Pneuma and wielding a Hydro Catalyst, primarily serves as a Hydro-focused Main DPS. His primary method of dealing massive AoE damage is through his Charged Attack. His sixth constellation (C6) is a game-changer in altering his playstyle. The first (C1) and second (C2) constellations offer basic damage enhancements, while the fourth (C4) constellation is designed to augment the effects of C6. For players seeking cost-effective upgrades, opting for C2 and C3 provides good value. However, the most impactful enhancement is at C6, which, in combination with C4, significantly shortens his rotation and boosts his DPS potential.

Furina Genshin

Genshin Impact Furina’s initial constellations mainly enhance her Elemental Burst and Fanfare stacks, boosting her abilities as a support character. However, her most significant constellation, the sixth, transforms her playstyle, offering new advantages and making her more effective when actively on the field. For players looking to minimize resource investment, keeping her at C0 or advancing to C2 to improve her support functions could be considered.

Nahida Genshin

Genshin Impact Nahida’s second constellation (C2) is considered one of the most effective in Genshin Impact. While her first constellation (C1) can be helpful in specific situations, and her fourth constellation (C4) isn’t particularly crucial, her sixth constellation (C6) does add a nice boost to her sub-DPS damage. However, if players want to enhance Nahida’s constellations, they should aim for her C2. This constellation offers a powerful simultaneous buff and debuff mechanism that significantly broadens Nahida’s role as an off-field support.

Baizhu Genshin

Genshin Baizhu’s constellations in Genshin Impact are worth considering. The standout ones are C2 and C6, which beef up his ability to heal and create shields regularly without relying on his burst. These levels also let him keep applying Dendro effects off-field without using any skills or bursts. His C1 and C4 are also excellent, but they’re more like bonuses you pick up along the way rather than must-haves. If you’re working on boosting Baizhu, aim for C2 and C6 to get the most out of him.


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